QIG Trading

Providing consultancy services and products, with a particular expertise in electronic displays.

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QIG Trading is the specialized trading division of the investments section which has been particularly successful in providing electronic display products and consultancy services to the sports industry in Qatar.

QIG Trading is rated as one of the top trading companies in Qatar. Trading as ITT Co. (International Technical & Trading Co) a number of projects have been won and undertaken in a variety of fields whilst simultaneously meeting a broad spectrum of needs for the Qatar market.

One of the main fields of expertise is the provision of electronics displays and LED video screens for the sports industry. A huge amount of experience and knowledge of the installation of large video screens and scoreboards led to the installation throughout Qatar’s national sports stadiums. A particularly noteworthy achievement is the customized mobile video screen for the Race and Equestrian Club located in Qatar.

Other leading services include the provision of display signage for the hotel and hospitality industry, clubs, schools, sports venues, airport and traffic installations to name just a few.

Specialized activities also include landscaping with artificial grass for golf clubs, football stadia, hotels, hospitals and various industrial and domestic installations.

ITT Co. is also known for providing specialized vehicles for civil defense, the construction industry, road sweeping vehicles and other government institutions.

Additionally ITT Co. is an expert builder of tennis courts, volley ball courts and other sports-related fields, accompanied by the supply and installation of professional quality sports and fitness equipment.

For quality, dependability and professionalism, there is no match for ITT Co.