Our Mission and Vision



  • Building strong brands that meet consumer needs and aspirations.
  • Creating sustainable value for our shareholders and stakeholders alike.
  • Utilizing state of the art technology in compliance with international standards.
  • Adopting environmentally friendly protection strategies.
  • To effectively demonstrate our commitment to the people and to the nation.
  • To be a premium global conglomerate with a clear focus.


  • Aiming High: To become a leading Intelligent Investment Group through continuous review of potential strategic acquisitions, joint ventures, product expansions and market openings.
  • Human Resources: To continue to hire qualified industry experts and to nurture existing talent via offering outstanding training and career opportunities.
  • Quality: To faithfully pursue product quality, consistency and customer-oriented service throughout the organization.
  • Value: To continuously strive to enhance value to its Shareholders, Clienteles and Employees. Performance excellence pushes us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.
  • Modern Mindset: To an environment which is intensively competitive, we shall be futuristic in outlook and effective in management.


  • To our shareholders, by striving to constantly maximize our shareholder value.
  • To our employees, by always offering the best working environment which encourage individual initiative, promotes personal growth and assures that every employee will be treated with equal dignity and respect.
  • To our community, by encouraging a healthy business and aiming to use our strength to make a difference in the State of Qatar.


  • Ethical business practices: Our organization incorporates the highest standard of ethics in conducting our Business. 
  • Transparency: We practice total transparency and openness in all aspects of our Business including business functioning, internal policies and investment relations, which are the cornerstones of our business. 
  • Corporate Governance: Good Corporate Governance is part of our culture and is founded on a daily commitment to materialize our values and principles.